Have you ever wondered why pimples and breakouts tend to appear in the same areas of your face?

If you have asked yourself this question, this article will be very interesting to you, because in it I will reveal my observations about the so-called face mapping.

What is face mapping
and what information
can it give us?

As implied, face map means map of the face.

Almost always with problematic skin, pimples appear in the same areas of the face or body, while others remain clear and pimple-free.

There are cases where the whole face is covered in pimples and this usually indicates that the problem is really quite complex. The reason, on the one hand, can be chronic acne, especially if you tend to squeeze and pick pimples.

On the other hand, however, these areas are associated with specific organs and systems in the body and reflect their condition. Acne is the outward manifestation of something going on deep inside our body. Acne indicates a need to regain our balance. If we know how to interpret acne, we can get a good idea of ​​what to pay particular attention to. A large part of a successful cure lies in correct and accurate diagnosis.


Face mapping is a concept known from traditional Chinese medicine from more than 2000 years ago. Perhaps you have heard of the alternative methods of diagnosis that the Chinese use – such as pulse diagnosis, iris diagnosis, tongue diagnosis. The Chinese understand and interpret the body, using these physical methods of diagnosis very skillfully.

The face can similarly give us a lot of information and tell us what is going on deep inside our body. The areas of the face where pimples break out correlate with organs and systems, and this can help us understand where the problem is occurring.

Most of the women I have talked to during these 8 years of practice don’t know what their problem is, although most of them have been looking for a solution to their acne for years. And I’ve always looked for the connection between pimples and what specifically causes them on a deeper level than a simple skin level. Over the years of practice I have found that THERE ARE SPECIFIC MODELS and in this article I share them with you.


Some time ago, a lady wrote to me that for the first time she heard from me that pimples in the area of ​​the cheeks are a sign of a bacterial infection. Until now, she had come across some other information everywhere she looked. A bacterial infection is exactly what happened to her, but she figured it out after a few years of wandering, misdiagnoses, hormonal issues, and severe cystic acne.

My advice is not to take this information as absolutely reliable. Think critically about every word you hear about acne because your skin is at stake. Every person is a little or a lot different and this is not and cannot be an exact science. BUT THERE IS DEFINITELY A TREND.

After you’ve read the article, I’d love to hear your feedback if you relate to any of the information I’m providing and whether it helps you.



If you often get pimples on your neck, this indicates some lymph stagnation. The same applies to the area around the ears. If pimples or cysts appear very often in these 2 areas, it is good to further support your lymphatic system.

What should you do? It is necessary to move your body and practice sports to maintain good lymph movement. It is also necessary to support the work of all organs of detoxification. And last but not least, good hydration and a diet with lots and lots of vegetables.

Additionally, the use of a jade facial roller in these areas can be helpful because the massage induces mild lymphatic drainage and movement of the lymph itself. Do not be confused with a hygienic-cosmetic massage, which is absolutely contraindicated. Also, don’t do roller massage if you have fungal acne or folliculitis.

Most women probably know that if acne is localized in the jaw area, the problem is hormonal. However, hormonal acne is very often a consequence of suboptimal detoxification of the body. The mechanism is very simple – the body cannot get rid of excess hormones, they continue to circulate in the blood, drain into the tissues, create subsequent complications, and the problem with excess estrogen is extremely common. The best way to balance hormones is by taking steps to reduce inflammation in the body and promote detoxification functions. Here again, it all starts with diet.

In the Holistic Anti-Acne Program for Clear Skin, we look at how this happens in detail.

The chin area can indicate several things: hormonal imbalance, too much stress, food intolerance (that is, small intestine function is impaired), and also constipation/diarrhea. The many black dots in this area speak of toxic intestines.

Normal bowel movement is problematic for many people with acne. I regularly encounter clients who have had chronic constipation for years, can’t deal with it, and at some point, start to accept it as something normal. Know that this condition is not normal and is the first thing you should address to help your skin.

Reduce stress. Again, the Clear Skin program has an entire module dedicated to stress. It includes specific tactics on how to deal with it.

Food intolerances. If you are concerned that not all foods work well for you, an elimination diet for a while would probably be very helpful.

Pimples in these areas in 99% of cases indicate a problem with the intestines – possible dysbacteriosis, there may be some form of bacterial infection or candida.

In order to restore the balance of bacteria in the gut, it is necessary to revise the nutrition intake from the basics, also to address food intolerances. In a leaky gut condition, restoration of the intestinal lining is extremely important.

Pimples that appear right between the eyebrows are often related to stress or, again, ineffective detoxification of the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is a very important acupuncture point between the eyebrows, which when stimulated (pressure and massage), helps us relax and release stress. And as you know, dealing with stress is vital to healing acne.

Pimples on the forehead can indicate food intolerances, ineffective detoxification and again stress.

These are briefly the problem areas and their relationship with our body.

I personally advise you to always look for the cause of your chronically problematic skin not only in cosmetics, but also on a new deeper level. Only then will you know exactly where to direct your efforts and these efforts will bring you results.

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