Alex Cosmetic BB Cream Nude Tone

60.00 лв.

Предлага оптимално покритие, грижа и защита. Специално предназначен за зачервена, раздразнена, с петна и проблемна кожа, която се нуждае от специални грижи и внимание. Балансира кожата и успокоява раздразнението.



Offers optimal coverage, care and protection. Especially designed for red, irritated, blemished and problem skin, which needs special care and attention. Balances skin and soothes irritation while offering a flawless finish.


  • Normalizes skin functions
  • Neutralizes and repairs red, irritated and sensitized skin
  • Reduces efflorescences and fosters healing process
  • Works anti-inflammatory on impure skin and acne
  • Cares for and calms couperosis und rosacea
  • Covers and minimizes pores, uneven skin tone and scars
  • Shields sun and environmental aggressors (all-weather)
  • Shows light brightening properties


  • Applying generously builds a physical barrier or protection on the skin comparable to SPF 15 à for clients with sensitive skin who, need to avoid chemical SPFs


Impure, irritated and problematic skin

Срок на доставка: 2-5 работни дни.


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